Y-12 honors its inventors with Technology Transfer awards

  • Posted: Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 3:31 pm

OAK RIDGE, Tennessee – Y 12 inventors were awarded honors for their innovative technology accomplishments during the recent 13th annual Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony. The site has a long history of producing technologies that are transferred to the private sector.

Ten patents were awarded in fiscal year 2016 in areas ranging from an apparatus for characterizing aerosols to several unique material processes.

Thirty-three inventors also were recognized for bringing forward new ideas in the form of invention disclosures that could one day lead to future patents. These employees were acknowledged for both their creativity and innovative ideas in support of the technology development and transfer mission. The new inventions developed by the honorees will be used to further Y-12’s mission work and will be made available through license to benefit the public through Y-12’s Technology Transfer program.

Y-12 honorees included Peter Angelo, Bill Barkman, Brittany Bennett, Sam Brown (retired), Jesse Bush, Lee Bzorgi, Douglas Clark, Amy DeMint, John Freidrich Jack Gooch, Rusty Hallman, Chris Hayes, Millard “Junior” Hendrickson, Nathan Henry, Bradley Hodges, Josh Howard, Neville Howell (retired), Maxx Jackson, Robert Jenkins, Vincent Lamberti, Robbie Landis, David Mee, Jofu Mishima (retired), Alex Moses, Michael Phillips, Jeff Preston Ed Ripley, Stian Romberg, Roland Seals, Kevin Shay, Larry Spencer, Ashley Stowe and Deborah Veach.

At the ceremony, patent attorney Mike Renner was given the Technology Transfer Support Award, as well as David Henderson, who has an integral role in Y-12’s Knowledge Preservation Management system.

Receiving the Government Use Award, which recognizes employees whose invention or copyrighted work has significant value to the U.S. Department of Energy or other government agencies, was Josh Howard. His creation is a Stationary Vehicle Auxiliary Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System that allows vehicles to be turned off while providing ample heating and cooling, thus ensuring employee safety and extending vehicle lifespan. The invention is expected to save Y-12 in excess of $350,000 in annual life cycle-costs and $80,000 in fuel costs.

Kevin Shay also received the Government Use Award for his role in developing and deploying Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies at Y-12. Shay designed and produced more than 15 unique AM technologies focused on production applications, prototypes and training aids. He also employed AM’s 3D printing capabilities to solve a project problem, which saved thousands of dollars related to rework, time and schedule.

Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC manages and operates the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas, and Y-12. A central Technology Transfer Office manages the commercialization and partnership efforts for both sites and will recognize the Pantex inventors and innovators at a fall ceremony in Amarillo.

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