I am mission success: George Haynes

  • Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 11:54 am

George Haynes, deputy chief information security officer at Y-12
Meet George Haynes, deputy chief information security officer at Y-12, who plays a key role in the security and strategic defense of our network and systems.

All views and opinions are the employee’s and do not necessarily reflect those of CNS.

While cybersecurity is frequently regarded as the act of protecting a network of information and systems from theft or damage, a key element of its definition and study is acknowledging how people factor into its defense and practice.

Many information theft cases are a result of human error due to negligence or lack of cybersecurity awareness. It’s important to recognize the impact we all have in safekeeping our technology.

As a key expert, leader, and direct support to the site, Y-12’s George Haynes is integral to the strategic development and operations of CNS's Cybersecurity programs.

By ensuring that our interconnected network of information, systems, and people are protected in the digital landscape, Haynes focuses on CNS's daily cybersecurity defense posture in analyzing risk balanced security measures and forming strategies against cyber threats.

What daily task lets you know you are helping achieve the CNS mission?
My daily tasks of understanding threats, improving cybersecurity architecture, accomplishing cybersecurity workforce plans, increasing effectiveness of enterprise risk management, and stimulating collaboration across organizations are key to achieving optimal protection and defense.

Are you doing what you envisioned as a young adult? If so, describe how you got here.
My professional background is in global military operations in the air, space, and cyber domains at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. From working across military services, government agencies, and international partnerships, the goal is the same as Pantex and Y-12: effective mission accomplishment. As a young adult, I wanted to be an architect, but I took a turn toward technology; once I started that path, I soon found my passion.

What CNS principle drives you to be successful?
For me, it’s set high standards. Well executed standards apply to how we accomplish work, account for responsibilities, and achieve as a team by delivering value to the staff and organization to reach mission outcomes.

What work advice would you offer someone who is starting work at Y-12?
First, fully understand your role, your responsibilities, and the outcome expected from your efforts. Next, communicate often with your manager and team on status, barriers, and ability to deliver. Finally, never leave a meeting or team discussion with questions on what is expected and what responsibilities you are assigned.

What one thing would your coworkers be surprised to know about you?
I used to do gymnastics in college as a hobby.