Final tests for NASA’s KRUSTY system successful

  • Posted: Monday, May 14, 2018, 4:29 pm

Photo courtesy of NASA. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Last month was important for the Y-12 KRUSTY team. The team who has been working with NASA on the Kilopower Reactor Using Stirling Technology, or KRUSTY, system, saw NASA complete a full-power, full-temperature run, marking the first nuclear reactor test for NASA in decades. The system was fueled with highly enriched uranium alloy components fabricated at Y-12.

“Y-12 and other NNSA sites are on the front edges of the advanced reactor effort for boutique reactors for NASA and other possible users such as the Department of Defense,” Senior Technical Consultant for Program Development Chris Robinson said. “The final test lasted 28 hours and is a significant milestone for the NASA’s fission surface power program.

“Support for NASA continues to progress the technology for future testing and need for reliable fission-based power systems. In addition, our accomplishments gave the U.S. Army the confidence to initiate a multi-year project to upgrade the fuel for the White Sands Missile Range Fast Burst Reactor,” Robinson said.