Y-12 Infrastructure hits million hour mark without injury

  • Posted: Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 4:32 pm

Utilities technicians are part of the Y-12 Infrastructure labor force
Utilities technicians are part of the Y-12 Infrastructure labor force, with the majority performing hands on work.

It is safe to say that working 1 million hours without a recordable injury is a big deal, especially when an organization’s work is physical and happens “in the elements.”

Y 12 Infrastructure achieved this during a recent 6 month span. The organization has six departments with 1,200 employees, with more than 60% of them performing hands on work daily. Departments include Waste Management, Utilities Management, Asset Management and Reliability Execution, Facilities and Sustainability, Plant Services, and Mission Systems and Integration. The organization executes 2.2 million work hours annually.

“When you look at all of the hands-on work we do, that’s why this is such a significant accomplishment,” said Y-12 Infrastructure Senior Director Andy Huff. “There are many opportunities to be in harm’s way or in a high risk situation. We work in every production facility and all over the Y-12 site.”

One of the ways Infrastructure has gotten ahead of injuries is to routinely evaluate equipment used to do work around the site.

“We regularly have events during the year when vendors bring in new equipment,” Huff said. “It’s important to make sure our tools and equipment are in good condition. If something isn’t, replace it.” Also part of the safety success story are crew briefings that emphasize looking out for coworkers, the stop or pause work philosophy, and exercising a questioning attitude.

When a college or professional sports team wins a championship, usually there is a celebration with much fanfare to commemorate the feat. Huff chose a different way to mark the milestone.

“I didn’t want to treat it like we have arrived at a destination. Being safe is part of what we have to do. I want to celebrate every day that we helped prevent someone from getting injured.”