Y-12 responds to East Tennessee wildfires

Posted: January 4, 2017 - 3:34pm

The folks at Y-12 know how to help each other succeed at achieving their mission, so when residents of Gatlinburg and the surrounding area were devastated by wildfires, Y-12ers knew just what to do.

Employees donated more than $5,500 to the American Red Cross and Consolidated Nuclear Security added another $5,000.

Collections across the site also resulted in a truckload of goods, such as Gatorade, water, toiletries, and food that was sent to the East Tennessee Red Cross.

Seeing the tremendous outpouring from employees at Y-12, the Bechtel Group Foundation donated $50,000 to American Red Cross. They also are matching any employee’s further contributions to relief efforts until Jan. 15.

The help from Y-12 did not stop there, however. Through a mutual aid agreement, Y-12 dispatched a fire engine, support vehicle, ambulance, and crews to help with efforts where the fire swept through the Gatlinburg area.

For more on this effort, view this video interview with the firefighters.